InfiniVive MD Exosomes 20 Vials

  • InfiniVive Exosome Serum

    (For topical use only)*

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    Contains exosomes, cytokines, growth factors, vitamins, trace elements, secretomes, and antioxidants. Exosomes are extracellular vesicular nanostructures, containing proteins, mRNA, microRNA, and other substances. They have a diameter of 20-100nm and are secreted by most cells.

    Exosomes are involved in cellular communication, immune function, development and differentiation of stem cells, neuronal function, tissue regeneration, and intercellular macromolecular transport.

InfiniVive Exosomes Potency

Exosomes can be derived from a number of cells. Our comparative analysis of multiple cell lines demonstrates significantly greater potency of umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cells as compared to adipose, placental, and bone marrow cells. Infinivive MD Exosome Serum is derived from the most potent cells available. 

InfiniVive Exosome Serum Purity

While there is no one definitive way of identifying exosomes, Infinivive MD uses a multimodality process to quantify and qualify InfiniVive MD Exosome Serum. From concentration, to purity, to phenotype, InfiniVive MD outperforms all others.

In a comparative analysis, InfiniVive MD Exosome Serum was found to have greater than 95% purity — as much as 800% greater than other products tested 

Phenotypic Analysis

InfiniVive MD shows high medium flourescent intensity (MFI) while other products had no expression of vital protein surface markers.

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For custom pricing, please contact us by sending an email to

We can also be reached by phone at 651.249.4178